Story Fourteen: A. A. from Syria

When I was a child, and my body was still not mature, I went to the beach with my family. I went to the sea and started swimming like any other young girl that still isn’t aware of how dirty the world is and how men can be. I was smiling to everyone like the smile of any innocent child.

A man with 3 young kids took advantage of this smile of mine. I was around 11 years old and his children were younger than I am. I started playing with his kids, and we were swimming together. And then he told me with a very fatherly soft tone “How about I teach you how to swim?”
I was too shy to say anything and I just continued playing with the kids. After a while I stopped playing with his kids and started swimming. I reached to a level where my feet were no longer touching the ground, and I was away from all the noises of the beach. I saw him in front of me and then he smiled. I thought nothing of it and smiled back. He kept getting so close to me and started saying things that I didn’t understand. He came too close and said “you have a nice body”. I was 11 years old, my body wasn’t mature. Then he said “let me teach you how to swim” I said: I know how!
He then reached his hands and started touching my tiny body while I was underwater and I couldn’t fight because my whole body was focused on swimming in order not to drown. I got scared and started moving fast, but he caught me and didn’t let me move.
Then I started to drown, and he was busy with his hands going all over my body and he started moving, touching, and squeezing in ways that were very frightening to a young girl. And I didn’t even know what he was doing! But I started begging him to let me go, and he got more aggressive and more disgusting. I was crying, and swallowing water and drowning.
At that time I thought, that’s it, I am going to die.
In the end, I managed to escape him and swam quickly to the shore. He didn’t follow me I don’t know why.
By the way, the man was almost in his forties. And this story is one of many other stories that happened to me, and I kept quiet. Because they could’ve told me “why did you go swim alone in the sea without your parents?”
It is impossible for our society to even ask why is this man so sick that he molests a girl in his children’s age….
Because we are in a sick society, and because I don’t want my daughter to go through the same thing I went through and suffered from psychologically and physically. I don’t want my daughter, or the next generation to suffer from this. That’s why I am with the uprising of women in the middle east. Because of men, that we pride ourselves with your phony manhood.
no to harrasment

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