Story Sixty: Sirina from Tunisia

This has just happened to me,I thought i’d share.

I was in the bus, it wasn’t that crowded, when i noticed that this man was rubbing him self against me from behind, its not like its the first time this happens to me in public transport, actually it happens so often that it doesn’t bother me as bad as it did before, which is sad actually.

Anyway, I immediately jumped on the first chair i found available, I turned around and he was standing next to me, with a completely obvious erection to everyone, he looked at me straight in the eye, and then turned and started doing the same thing with a veiled girl!

So its really not about the way I dress, obviously. I just want to know when is this ever going to end? Where have all the manners and values disappeared? In a Muslim Arab country! Or any other country in the world? So yeah, i am with the revolution of women! And i insist on setting laws against all kinds of violence and harassment against us women.

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  • OTW

    Thank you for telling your story, Sirina. I’m a western woman who has experienced something similar, but not with such regularity. I am sorry this has happened to you at all, and that it has happened so much.

    We face the same problem all over the planet, only to different extents and with some variations in ‘style’. The problem is patriarchy, which teaches that women exist to be of service to men, as though men are the center of the world and the only real humans. In that system, we can only ever be seen as objects to be used, like this man was trying to use your body on the bus. Feminism is the way forward to ending patriarchy – Never let them shut you up or convince you the fight is already won!

    In unending solidarity, OTW

  • Hiba

    It has happened with me few times, disgusting

  • Blue

    Not even about manners..its common decency..common self control..basic self discipline most boys learn at 5!..omg I’d have knocked his teeth out! *hugs from Australia.

  • Margaret Potkay

    Similar to your story (and thank you for sharing), I experienced the same when living in Tunisia this summer. I am a light haired young female and clearly a foreigner and was really disheartened and hurt in my first few weeks especially by the way men treated me, even without words. Sadly I slowly became more numb to it also as my peers told me just to “accept it” or turn the other way and ignore. I felt like a piece of meat walking around and regardless of my dress I felt like I was being violated merely with looks and sometimes being followed too closely, inappropriately grabbed or the noises that were made towards me. I pray for the day when women are seen and respected truly as equals, and not just objectified as sexual beings. This is not outwardly in Tunisia as I experience this in a more subtle way in the United States as well.

  • Sharine Atif

    The only way it will start to stop is when you start to speak up and take off your shoe and beat him!! I know in such societies it’s hard because you may not find anyone support you and help, but atleast you may inspire other women to start taking action… Not just by quietly moving away

    Watch this film…


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