Stop Labelling Women

Stop Labelling Women

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  • Loba Moon

    I admire every womyn banded together to deal with tyrannical patriarchy, my great grandmothers, grandmother, mother, and then me, (now a mother myself,) all stood together to pass the equal rights amendment. Then we fought for the right to determine our own decisions over our procreative healthcare. Many have fought, been beaten down, raped and killed over the years and the struggle is not over. People are like a crow with one wing bound, the mens wing is fine and free, but we womyn are the bound wing and a crow cannot fly without both wings! Instead the crow is only able to crash around breaking things and pecking viciously at the bound wing. We womyn standing up together are unbinding the crows wing, freeing ourselves from the men and women that want to keep us bound, soon we will fly freely and harmoniously, equally as humans. We are all so proud of you and are with you in hearts if not in body.


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