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On October 1st 2012, one year after having created “The Uprising of Women in the Arab World” Facebook Page, we have launched a campaign on Facebook and Twitter called “I am with the uprising of women in the Arab world because…”, where we asked people (both women and men) to send a picture of themselves mentioning the reason why they need this uprising. The campaign aims to:
1- Highlight the various kinds of discrimination against women in the Arab world (social, economical, political, judiciary…). Being aware of the injustice we are submitted to is the first step to counter it.

2- Pin out the fact that women in our region share many struggles. We could then create a common ground for feminist activism, overcoming the borders of the states and building on from each other’s experiences.

3- Re-open the debate in the social media on women’s conditions, especially that women have suffered lots of attacks after the success of the revolts of the Arab Spring countries.


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  • Ahbali Ghizlane

    I am with the uprising of women in the arab world because , mostly, I am a woman. Because I am being reduced to my body and my re-production abilities in the name of religion.


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